domingo, 24 de febrero de 2008

Lindsay Lohan and Keira Knightley to Lock Lips in Lesbian Film

Want to see less? Contribute to the movie budget. Lindsay Lohan and Kiera Knightley are set to play lesbian lovers in a 2008 film. Filmmakers are attempting to raise money to increase the salaries for the two lead actresses. Both stars have demanded $25 million each to do full frontal nudity and love scenes in the NC-17 rated film.
The Best Time of Our Lives is set to begin filming in the next few weeks. The amount of money paid to the stars will help determine the amount of flesh seen and whether or not there are body doubles used.
It is rumored that Lindsay might use the money to help finance a clinic (like the Betty Ford) to help her Hollywood Hottie friends dry out. Considering the recent rehabs of herself and Britney Spears, it could be money well spent.
Kiera may finally take this paycheck to the bank and get the long needed boob implants. Research, however, may be needed as no one has ever gone from a negative bra size to having breasts.
To donate money to fund the full nude scenes of this film, please log on to:
Have a major credit card ready and follow the instructions. Contributors of $120 or more will receive a free dvd of the movie and a complimentary jar of vaseline and box of kleenex tissues.

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