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Open associative LGBT center in Bolivia with the support of Triangle Valladolid

Valladolid Triangle Foundation supports the LGBT Equality Foundation of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia)
The project is funded by the Junta de Castilla y Leon and the Provincial Council of Valladolid and will work especially prevention of hiv / aids.
Several cooperating Triangle Foundation will go to Bolivia this year.
A long-standing aspiration of the Bolivian LGBT movement has been met. At last one of the most important cities of the Republic of Bolivia has a partnership to work LGBT issues and the prevention of HIV-AIDS. This is also the first centre partnership of this kind in Bolivia.
Valladolid Triangle Foundation, which in previous years was collaborating with the group AHMNP of Panama, has submitted a draft this year along with the NGO Bolivian Vihda Network, which has been approved within the Development Cooperation projects funded by the Junta de Castilla y Leon, on the one hand, and the Provincial Council and municipalities of Valladolid, on the other.
The project has just opened a local Center Partnership. Since he campaigns will be carried out HIV-AIDS prevention and defense of the human rights of gays, lesbians and transgendered persons. Bolivia is one of the Latin American countries hardest hit by the AIDS pandemic, especially in the city of Santa Cruz de la Sierra. The project will provide information on prevention, as well as offer conducting free HIV testing, since one of the big problems is that many people do not know their carriers that situation until it develops the disease.
Within the development of the project is also conducting a Film Festival LGBT themes. With this festival partners include the GLBT Film Series of Valladolid (CINHOMO) and the International Film Festival Gai and Lesbian Madrid (LesGaiCineMad). The Festival of Santa Cruz will be held in mid-May and is supported by the Spanish Embassy in Bolivia, the Training Centre of the AECI Santa Cruz and the Institute of Culture Franco Aleman, among others.
The activities of the project is to support the legalization of LGBT Equality Foundation and the recruitment of Bolivia for the development of the project. Specifically, in addition to HIV testing, at the heart association can be found psychological care, programs for teachers, bibliographical material, advice on HIV and human rights, and so on.
During 2007, Miguel Angel Sanchez, president of state Triangle Foundation went to Bolivia to support the start of the project: "the members of Equality Foundation and Red Vihda are doing fantastic work to combat AIDS and to defend the human rights of gays , lesbians and trans. support was our desire and our obligation. "
For Yeni Martin, Triangle Foundation Valladolid and Castilla y Leon in charge of the presentation and follow-up project: "In Los Angeles we are very excited. We are confident and secure that the project will result LGBT Equality Foundation as well as it has done in Panama much remains to be done, but we believe that we have put forward a good project, which is already yielding results as the opening of the centre partnership and the amount of attention they have already begun to do. must continue to support the project for some time but the result already guess very positive. "
For Jose Luis Casado, President of Triangle Foundation in Castilla y Leon: "Since Triangle Foundation, we have a clear commitment to equality, both within Spain and Castilla y Leon, and beyond our borders, supporting the groups that make an LGBT great job under very difficult conditions. We appreciate the support of the Board and the county council, we believe that the projects are good and are being executed very successfully. fighting against AIDS and human rights, we are proud of the work of our fellow Bolivians. "

The LGBT Center Partnership of Santa Cruz de la Sierra (Bolivia) is located in Tarija Street No. 233, Ñuflo between Chavez and Warnes.

TEL 00591-3-3358199.

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