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Arabic lesbians coming out the closet

They are lesbians, Arabs and Muslims, and have not mince words to talk about his homosexuality. Pioneers in a conservative society such as Egypt, do not always get the compression of their families and rub the illegality. "In Egypt, there are two types of lesbians: the real, born well, and those who become lesbians to be married, frustrated and bored by their husbands, or even young girls who still expect to marry," says Jana. Jana, Nadine and Dahlia, all of them false names, lesbians are "Birth", Egyptian and Muslim. Although it seems difficult being a woman and gay in an Arab country, say they have no trouble linking because there are many lesbians in Egypt and specify that what are most plentiful "women tired of their husbands who seek fun and enjoyment with sex ". In the subway, on the street, in shops, "can be found everywhere lesbians here," Jana lists, while explaining that must be careful to not discover because they are not socially accepted and can go to jail, although the Egyptian law does not explicitly prohibit homosexuality. "There is a rule about indecent behaviour in public places-clarifies Nadine. In principle, was created against prostitution but also used against homosexuals." Dahlia, which carries "hijab" (veil covering her hair), meets one of the profiles more widespread among Egyptian lesbians. Married with two children who confesses not have carnal knowledge with her husband since 1994 and says that although born homosexual, not "left the cupboard" until and married.The "word of mouth" is essential for the survival of a "sohakiya" (lesbian in Arabic) and having Internet connection, because "there are contacts with e-mails of lesbians from all over the world through which can make new acquaintances, "says Jana. When it comes to sex, lesbians Egyptian state that do not harder than elsewhere in the world, provided they keep up appearances. "My girlfriend was a month in my house and we were sleeping together in my room, but nothing happened-Nadine recalls. My mother always knocks at the door of my room before entering." Despite that have broken many taboos, family and friends remain one of the remaining subjects: "The only people who know it in my house are my mother and my brother, who stop talking for a year when told that it was lesbian, but now has returned to address the floor," says Jana, who claims to have lost friends because confessed homosexual. For them, blame the good have the misinterpretation of Islam. "It is a religion of forgiveness, understanding and extremely flexible," says Nadine, who said not to believe in other interpretations.Jana, who claims to have read the entire Koran also says that the sacred book does not condemn homosexuality, just as it is limited to "recommend" rather than forcing the veil. "Only there is a verse in which we talk about men who were practicing sex with each other and ignoring their wives, so that God cursed them and decided to flood the city (of Sodom)," says Jana. Nadine, Jana and Dalia indicate that the situation is better in Lebanon, where there are bars exclusive to gays and lesbians, and much worse in other countries like Saudi Arabia. "In Saudi Arabia the form of contact with other lesbians is calling a phone number at random and if a woman answered it is a lesbian, because it is assumed that they can not answer the phone, but men," says Jana. For its part, in Egypt, though not a very conservative country like Saudi Arabia, there are no premises to be announced only for homosexuals, but meeting places known only by them, among whom there are hotels, restaurants and even hairdressers.

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