martes, 8 de abril de 2008

MTV VJ Ruby Rose: 'I came out at 12'

MTV Australia VJ Ruby Rose has told of her frustrations with being hounded about her sexuality, and revealed she came out as a lesbian at the tender age of 12.In a live blog with The Daily Telegraph's readers today, Rose candidly spoken about the public controversy surrounding her sexual orientation, after her recent lip-lock with Veronicas twin Jess Origliasso.Rose declared to bloggers she was a lesbian and not bisexual, contrary to some news and gossip reports.Rose also stressed she was just "friends" with Origliasso, and just wanted to be recognised for her hard work as a music TV presenter.Read about how the story first broke here.Rose also told of how she first came out to her parents about being a lesbian at the tender age of 12.In a video interview after her blog with The Daily Telegraph, Rose also admitted she gets sick of being in the lime light at times.


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