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The successful television actress of the night 'Lord of the Querencia' plays 'Lucrecia Santa Maria' a passionate lesbian women of the early twentieth century demonstrates its desire to coast assumed by whipping in an era that seems difficult not to be so far the current one. But she is happy with this lesbian power, albeit fiction.

It will be your last name or catalan passion that puts him when acting, but Lorena Bosch (29 years) and his character 'Lucrecia Santa Maria' We have fascination. Not only because it is the first time that TV shows to a lesbian away from the canons of marginality, but because this lesbian who should be as recate and covered a woman from the beginning of the century, is very erotic and playful, wants other women and not pretending when he likes some girl. Calm, everything is fiction.

'Some of my friends lesbians in real life, by claiming that. I say' we are not all harassment as well as Lucrecia, 'but I find that the great Lucrecia is thus uncovered, showing that not only they are capable of feeling desire and pleasure, 'strikes with an air of sweetness in anything that resembles this' bigeye 'Lucrecia that looks black in these days with so much whiplash and Prejudice' to the Chilean 'in the teleseries Night TVN.
Lorena, the real, said he wanted to be interviewed by our environment. He was told the Antonia Santa Maria actress, who posed for RSmagazine, the first lesbian magazine printed in Chile. 'I told the Antonia: Chis! I should go in that home,' he says. To 'get' in his character even read articles of RS and was all the seasons of the series 'The L Word,' which he confesses he likes.
'I figured that the character would draw attention, but I did not think that would cause so much attention!' Says not yet convinced that starts when you confidences sighs of some viewers.
In the cover of RSMagazine wanted to question the term 'fashion' and apparently the teleseries, inadvertently, manages to convey this historical basis that lesbians have been present at all times and places Do what you think of that?
It is that I think today there is more to uncover in lesbianism. Homosexuality was uncovered much sooner. In fact, women after the first war, also see that there may be certain licenses, there is a rebellion of women, but unfortunately is castrated with the return of conservatism. The 'Lucrecia' is very passionate for his time ...
Is that Lucrecia has many desires. To me when I raised the character, I said I wanted it to be playful well, that look with front very active in their desires. But it is fresh-fresh, you love women. It is quite common that fewer women go straight and say things she likes, but she does not, he wanted to give this wave character.
In what direction your character is key in the teleseries?
She bankruptcy conservatism in Querencia, is to generate a disorder in the environment. They reach these women more liberal and more loose and create this need to discover other environments.
Your mom in the teleseries have said that a 'disease' and beyond that is aggressive for some viewers, giving up laughing ...
It is clear that, had all that Freudian theory that lesbianism was an illness. The character of my mom is free thinkers, is not counting on conservatism and clear, coming from Paris and arriving with another wave. However, faced with the Lucrecia because she tries to hide it. If you do not ocult both Lucrecia, mom would take more naturally, does not fall profile.
And what did you do in the scenes of kissing ...
I never questioned the kisses me with other actresses. For me it was not questioning the gender of which I had to in love. Fortunately, with the actress, Begoña, we are very friendly. It was like 'listen, `gueona´, tomorrow we kisses, ja,ja,' well, what more natural.
What symbols you see in that scene where you shout 'I like women!'?
It's like saying 'I understand I have a different look to you,' is an act of rebellion and search for understanding, is like saying 'stop, let me not try to mold'.
What do you think of people who think that to interpret a lesbian must be a lesbian?
I think that in life one interprets roles, represents human behaviour. If so could not do any role. Of course, it would be wrong if I were homophobic. Just one feels a responsibility when you are going to represent something, just had some concern, because he did not want to offend anyone. But that has not happened.
Does the theme of lesbianism sells?
Sells everything that generates curiosity and above all, lesbianism is very attractive to women and men.
Why you liked so much that The L Word?
It's that I see in this series a quota of 'normalcy' in relations, as this is not stupidity 'heterosexualizar' relations, so that asking 'Who made man?'. I see two people in love and the series deals with cotidaniedad.
Do your friends lesbians advised you somehow?
Well, yes, I recommended them books, pages, movies. We had pretty good looking for information!. In fact, I grew up in an environment where there was zero bias to the topic. My mom had gay friends. To me it's part of life that a person can fall in love with the same sex in my house there was never any stigma. In the space of the theater, is more open and homosexualdiad daily.
What do you think of actresses or singers not coming out publicly?
It has to do that in Chilean society is an issue not yet resolved. Perhaps not even be necessary to include a lesbian character on a television. It is complex for people to acknowledge their homosexuality or lesbianism. There are still teachers who lose their jobs when they automatically assume. Very few who have dared.
I suppose you have wondered if not fear being stigmatized after having made this character ...
All the while. I can be stigmatized because of my caps, prostitute ... I like the Lucrecia, because I could play with it in a playful woman, I could talk about the character of what I researched. If I say one day 'you are you made of the lesbian, 'I say' clear, I went. ' In fact, the character is envied by other actresses. There is a challenge because it is a lesbian, but because she, Lucrecia, is very entertaining, nice, naive, becomes how raises its gross lesbianism at that time!.
The synopsis of the television, in any event, with your character, are very different in the day as at night. On the day is not shown nearly the Lucrecia ...
The problem is that goes beyond the television channel. The channel just made a bet with the topic, what happens is that socially yet we can not talk as openly as timetables. Censorship is not the television puts the channel, but the Council TV. Even happens to advertising because there are pre-established rules.
In other television, leaving gays in daytime television ...
It is curiously that gays are more visible, went before. I think that the issue of lesbians is now at night, because it has other edging, other more complex scenes.
So kiss your left at 1 o'clock in the morning!
Nooo (laughs). Even left at 10 o'clock in the evening.
Ultimately, perhaps, backed censorship ...
No, there is that support is, what happens is that I see reality as it is. The sexual themes in this country, are treated after the 10 o'clock in the evening, which is hypocritical anyway.
But not shown before 10, sexuality is not governed in any case ...
Well, if that. But before he did not see much sexuality in the teleseries day, the night the lead in that direction.

Por Erika Montecinos, RS
Fuente: Rompiendo el silencio

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