domingo, 26 de octubre de 2008

New Sarah Waters novel in 2009

Virago to publish "The Little Stranger" in late spring

Virago are delighted to announce publication of the wonderful new novel by Sarah Waters.

Called The Little Stranger, it will be published late in the spring of 2009.

After her award-winning trilogy of Victorian novels, Sarah Waters turned to the 1940s and wrote The Night Watch, a tender and tragic novel set against the backdrop of wartime Britain. Shortlisted for both the Orange and the Man Booker Prize, it went straight to number one in the bestseller chart. In this highly anticipated new novel she remains in the 1940s, setting her story in rural Warwickshire, in a crumbling country manor house haunted by a dying way of life - and perhaps by something more sinister... From this wonderful writer who continues to astonish us, comes a chilling ghost story.

Virago have UK and Commonwealth rights excluding Canada and will publish in June.

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  1. Jo, me encanta Sarah Waters, pero hay que reconocer que el empujón que han tenido sus novelas gracias a las miniseries de la BBC ha sido bestial. Propongo nombrar a la BBC como una de las cadenas de televisión más friendly del mundo mundial.