miércoles, 15 de abril de 2009

‘It’s hard to be a lesbian in Hollywood’ - Michelle Rodriguez

Fast and Furious actress Michelle Rodriguez has spoken out about the pressures facing lesbians in Hollywood.

In an interview with The Guardian, Rodriguez did not speak about her own sexuality, but she did acknowledge that the film industry was not a positive place for gay women.

“You can be bi but not gay,” said Rodriguez. “Well, you can be gay and funny, like Ellen [DeGeneres] and Rosie [O'Donell]. It’s really hard to be straight-up gay and serious. We’re still not over that.”

Rodriguez told Cosmopolitan in 2006 that she had dated both men and women. In 2008 she told Latina magazine “if I wanna fuck a girl, a boy, a dog - that’s my business.”

Fuente: lesbilicious.co.uk

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  1. y en realiad poh es asunto de ella lo que haga :P

    de todas formas es re dificil ser lesbiana, imaginate si te conoce el mundo entero XD


  2. Jaja q buan frase a última!!!
    Uff el precio de la fama,ni modo! ... Ellen es mas divertida, quizás por eso es mejor vista jojoo

    Buen artículo