miércoles, 27 de febrero de 2008


Hi, friends ... I want to be grateful for my friend for having invited myself to take part in this blog ... for it, I want to deliver them something that has dictated the heart ... for all you


This thirst was born when I drank of your water... Until then it imagined you, I brought pieces of the little thing that had of you to the desert of my sheets... Closed the door, I covered the body and it caught a close contact like a butterfly, a kiss that touch my lips, almost an error, your hair covering me the face: a caress and a flare... It reviewed the scene like a ceremony, perfect, similar to itself but inside me... A subtle tact that to alone I opened up the mouth, I entered the fingers until the bottom of the throat, where the tongue licks them... Erect tongue that it wet my hands and forced them to slip for the line of the womb until the darkest in my sex... The fingers sinking while in the cinema of my mind your tight lips they touched me another time, and other, so that the fingers ascend and climb the crest of the nipples, the whole tense body as a guitar rope, tense and erect my body claimed what didn't still know... Relief, relief circle on the flower of my secret, a constant massage, always to the same rhythm, until it begins to beat, a discharge, a spasm, don't stop hands, look for other areas, don't surrender... That the lips of my vagina modulate their urgency, that they speak and request to these hands, to that memory avoid, what they need, that you digs in their bottom, that stops, that it begins again that massage that twists me under the sheet, it moves me the pelvis... And it beats... Once, twice, it beats and it is spread, opens up, becomes agitated and falls... I end up and the shame arrives of having brought you to my bed without any consent... Because it was there where you were... ...in my hands...

Liv K.

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Abigail dijo...

So hot and beautiful, I love it!

ê £ î T ê dijo...

wwoww amiga, me has dejado con la boca abierta, me ha encantado, es exitante y muy sexy.

¡Genial Liv, me alegro que nos acompañes en el blog!:D Saludos ^_^

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