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Lesbians of Chile reject declarations of the Movilh: " that does not speak in our name "
Opposite to the declarations of Rolando Jimenez, president of the Movilh in relation to
include to The lesbians in the day of the woman, we indicate the following thing:
In a shameless way, the gentleman Jimenez uses and abuse of the lesbian existence for To say to topics that they us concern the lesbian groups and lesbian feminists of Country. We ask earnestly not to do declarations in our name not less for To refer to policies that it does not know completely for a minimum of respect to ours fights. - The gentleman Jimenez has invisible constant to the lesbian reality during all Years that it takes exercising the activism, likewise, he has attacked publicly activists
- The gentleman Jimenez and the Movilh were not received in the Lesbian Meeting VII
feminist of Latin America and the Carib in Santiago of Chile last February, for considering that This group, it does not possess the lesbian necessary participation to be included in Our activities and for having a visibly partisan politics. It is known for nobody that this gentleman milita in the PPD. - The Movilh and the gentleman Jimenez is constant repudiated by the lesbian community, badly It might request that we are included in the day of the Woman, activities, of which Lesbian and lesbian feminists always we have taken part in marches and seminars.
Lesbian in acts like the march of the Pride as also to our way of communication.
For it, we think that the Movilh realizes an undue utilization of the reality Lesbian, since it has never been welcome in any place where this activism is exercised Like more than 20 years of history. - We have our activities for the Day of the Woman who
includes marches with the movement Of autonomous feminists, recitals of music and debates led by the Lesbian Group Other Families, more other events developed by the Lesbian Chilean Block. We request to the press not to be left "leader" of the minorities to be deceptive for this
autonamed Sexual.
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