viernes, 21 de marzo de 2008

The Chile Socialist decided to support the civil union for homosexuals

Immersed in an intense political debate, which was awake until 05:00 am, the participants of the congress of the Socialist which takes place in the Baths of Panimávida converged to support the civil union between homosexuals and the decriminalization of abortion therapeutic . The measure provides support in all areas of both proposals call "valórica agenda", which means that whenever it is debated publicly, the community closed ranks in support of the aforementioned and controversial initiatives.

Just one of the most controversial issues in society and which has already been discarded by its ally in the Concertacion, the Christian Democrats, is the civil union between homosexuals and property for purposes of inheritance. In legal terms, the civil-union force in the province of Buenos Aires and some European states-can be contracted by any couple who discard the idea of marriage and chooses to join legally, with the goal of ensuring heritage. The concept is not equal to homosexual marriage that it has been accepted by legislatively several countries of the world, including Spain, where he was particularly encouraged by the Spanish Socialist Workers' Party (PSOE). As early as September 2006, the minister secretary general of government, Ricardo Lagos Weber, confirmed that the executive was examining a document proposing a project to regulate some aspects of fact unions, including a homosexual, but in no case tries to legislate on marriage between people of same sex.

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