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The International Association of Travel for Gays and Lesbians recommends travel to Latin America, particularly Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil
Tourism for gays and lesbians came out of the closet and sweeps in the International Tourism Bourse (ITB), where specialized agencies and cities as Berlin, Vienna, Cologne and Amsterdam are offering trips for gays and spread their travel guides "queer" .
Bernhard Peace, regional coordinator for Germany, Austria and Switzerland for the International Association of Travel for Gays and Lesbians (IGLTA, its acronym in English), told EFE that "tourism is booming for homosexuals."
This agency will also have a list of gay hotels in cities around the world. In Latin America, De Paz recommends traveling to Argentina, Mexico, Costa Rica and Brazil. "Buenos Aires is the new gay capital of South America," said the coordinator of IGLTA.
Cuba, for example, is "very open" regarding homosexuality, although the government of President Fidel Castro "does not support it publicly." And there is still "gay beach" and the local guides know the addresses of "best private parties" for homosexuals, he explained.
Berlin will host from 12 to 13 October, the first European Conference on Tourism for Gays and Lesbians, where sector specialists from around the world will gather.
Agencies specializing in tourism as homo-Man Tours presented at the ITB their travel bargains gays, from cruises just for homosexuals in Turkey, travel in groups by Andalusia, Tenerife, Costa Rica and Cuba, Morocco or travel routes by skiing in Austria.
De Paz discourages homosexuals travel, however, Egypt, the Cayman Islands, Saudi Arabia and Iran, because of the homophobia that exists in these countries.
The bags pink distributed at the booth of "Gay & Lesbian Travel" cause furor in the ITB, the most important fair of the world in the tourism sector, where homosexual and heterosexual curious queries and collect brochures and guides homo-tourism.
The mayor of the city-state of Berlin, the Social Democrat Klaus Wowereit and homosexual-who accompanies her boyfriend at parties and official acts without anyone escandalice why in Germany - visited at the ITB stand rose.
Although Berlin competes with Amsterdam as the gay capital of Europe, Wowereit acknowledged in the guide for homosexuals "Out in Berlin that the German capital" has not yet become a paradise on earth for lesbians and gays "and that much remains to be done to equality between homosexuals and heterosexuals.
The 350,000 members of the gay community in Berlin since 1984 are kept informed about the new local festivals, shops and cultural events thanks to the free monthly magazine "Siegessaeule" (Victory Column) in the same editorial that the bimonthly for lesbians "L-Mag" and the monthly "Ich & You."
The German capital is, according to the guide "Out in Berlin", "Mecca of gays and lesbians," where, due to the division of the Berlin Wall, there were two communities homo, the east and the west.
Currently, each district has its own Berlin street or area gay: Oranienstrasse and Mehringdamm in Kreuzberg area Motzstrasse in Schoeneberg, and Gleimstrasse and Greifenhagener Strasse in the neighborhood of Prezlauer Berg.
This year will be held in Berlin from 15 to 23 August, called "Pride Week" with a bazaar of gays and lesbians and the traditional parade gay "Christopher Street Day," where you can see the mayor climbed on a float throwing kisses to some Homosexual disguised as little rabbits Playboy.
Amsterdam, the Catholic Cologne and Vienna are other European cities in the ITB producing travel guides "queer" in the cities which have emerged as "friends" of homosexuals and lesbians.

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