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Lidia and Mary are partners

Lidia, 28, is five months pregnant. Mary, 23, does not want, nor do accounts thinking of how much money they will need.
We know that you will receive 3,500 euros for each child we expect, given that we are single mothers because we are not yet married. But this amount is nothing more carries a child in diapers, milk, cars. What about the car? And the mortgage? Who is going to pay for all this? "Mary has only 23 years and the burden of responsibility that comes over you will be burdened. It is happy about the idea of being a mother, but neither she nor her partner had to starting in this important role with four babies!
Lidia, 28, and his girlfriend, Mary, lived together for four years. "Like all couples-explains Mary, we decided to go in search of the baby. Lidia which was submitted to fertility treatment, age and because he had operated some cysts that could be replicated. Then it would be me who would have the second baby. "Those were his plans, a baby each. What we now live is another reality.
After a tough first treatment without results, the couple decided to change their clinical and betting in a big way. They themselves called upon doctors who implemented three embryos to Lidia, in the hope that at least one of them reached implemented successfully.
Their health danger and damn successful. Not only went three ahead. So remember how they gave them the news: "Instead of three, was pregnant with quadruplets. One of the ovulate had become fragmented and twin. So come on the way twins and two twins. According to the doctors told us, this is something that never had happened. "
What we both took as great news, it was not for the doctors. Complications of pregnancy of this kind are high, feared for the proper development of fetuses and the health of the mother, so they advised "to remove any of the ovulate," recalls Mary.
"I think any mother could make a decision like that. It is very difficult to choose which baby should not go ahead. We were unable to do so. We fought a lot to these children and we all, "sentence happy with his election to the medical advice.
Among four babies were confident-especially Mary-at least one girl out, but neither was right about that. "We wanted a girl, but all come "machitos". We are important to us, but it is funny, "among laughter.
At home (had to make reforms to achieve get five bedrooms), with the first stuffed animals for their children, we are told that already have names for all: "Jose Manuel, Darius, Jairo and Alvaro."

Fuente: Elle magazine

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