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The "Red Duchess" married "in articulo mortis" which was his secretary for more than 30 years

The palace of Medina Sidonia save an invaluable historical record as well as a family history where there are plenty of ingredients in the best soap opera. And his players reproduce situations that are beyond the fiction. One of these ingredients is that its protagonists are Lesbians made public. Luisa Isabel Alvarez de Toledo, Duchess of Medina Sidonia, more popularly known as "Red Duchess," died last day on March 9, 2008. Two days earlier, and "in articulo mortis" () 1990 to protect and spread the historical heritage of the family. His son, a few days after his burial in Cadiz, pulled out of the "closet" to his deceased mother and communicating that was Lesbian.
Article 9 of the constitution of this entity provides that, upon the death of Luisa Isabel Alvarez de Toledo, the successor to the post of president, for life, the current secretary lifetime, Liliane Mary Dahlmann, which manages the foundation for years.
Obviously, Gabriel, the son who took out of the closet, was being repudiated and "person non grata" its presence in the home of the Duchess Cross for more than 25 years (his son led him to trial) has drawn particularly in the light and suppose that produced by the pain that has occurred see how he married the secretary with her mother and part of the state passes to your spouse and who was now his wife, Liliana Maria Dahlmann.
"The will of the Duchess" was that Liliana Maria Dahlmann outside the president of the foundation. " By marrying two days before his death, it is assumed that wanted to meet two objectives: one being the Lesbian and another "buitrecidad" not to allow any of their children.
A family of rancid ancestry whose fate could well have been charted by the scriptwriters of soap operas such as Dallas, Falcon Crest or Topaz.
Rest in peace their remains and their earthly secrets.

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  1. Una gran luchadora que tuvo que enfrentarse al convencionalisto de su familia católica y monárquica, aunque descendiente de Antonio Maura (presidente republicano) y al franquismo dominante, intervino a favor de los trabajadores y estuvo en la cárcel por escribir un libro. Gracias a ella muchas familias de Sanlúcar de Barrameda (Cádiz) comian durante la dictadura, también ayudó a algún que otro sanluqueño a estudiar carreras universitarias porque sus padres no podian pagarselas.
    Besos multicolores.

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