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Standing in the way of Control
The Foreign Policy magazine has issued a list of the 30 most important intellectuals of the world as they wish. There are figures like thinkers Jean Baudrillard (France), Francis Fukuyama (USA) and Slavoj Zizek (Slovenia). In place number 20 placed Camille Paglia, perhaps the woman who holds the most ferocious criticism on various aspects of the contemporary world. The United States is the author of Vamps & Tramps, a work dedicated to reshape the concept of feminism and which devastates with the attitudes and positions of the typical militants. Paglia proposes a scenario in favor of sex, art, aesthetics and above all, an area of coexistence between genders and transgender, among homosexuals and bugas.
Camille has coined a phrase that defines its acerbic view of things: "Leave the sex feminists is like leaving your dog on vacation with the taxidermist." It covers the vast number of female seeking rethinking their status without specific enclosed in circles. In this set are inserted so-called angry woman or riot girls, artists who express themselves through their work discontent and dissatisfaction. For this flow have paraded Amazon such as PJ Harvey, Ani DiFranco, Betty Seervent, Peaches, L7, Babes in Toyland, Cat Power, Sleather Keany, Diamanda Galas, Penny Arcade, Bikini Kill, and even some worn Courtney Love and Alanis Morissette.
In recent years, such subgenus or flow appeared to have been less, but from the underground gringo's voice rose a girl fat of ten climb to the stage in red pants and garter belts. He plays guitar with elegance and does call your band The Gossip, which can be translated as a roumor. Beth Ditto is a lesbian, like his drummer Hannah Billie, and has no erected in a sort of spokeswoman much of this vast minority which is the gay community, as the hosts of the overcrowded exentricity, which is able to accommodate and freaks alike Geeks.
Their songs reflect-according to her-"some of the stories and anecdotes of obese girls and gays who were born in the ass of the world, say how we have helped to change their lives."
In her latest release Standing in the way of Control (Kill Rock Stars) offer a combination of frantic punk garage with elements borrowed from the more greasy funk, based of the hard voice of Ditto, which emulates with high quality singing Aretha Franklin; nothing less. The Gossip line-up is complete with an additional Brace Paine, also on guitar, and that time is playing one of the hottest music and rage that can onceive. Beth starts to sing as a priestess of soul and gospel, while his companions carried something they have called hardcore soul, and that sounds like what we know as punk funk.
The theme that gives its name to the disc is the best example of its proposal. Ditto loose his voice as voodoo trance and the other two rockean butt. From simple fact there is a remix by Le Tigre, which is simply the most contagious viruses on a dance floor. Perhaps the best definition on them is the one that places them as "Ethics and sound back to punk rhythms sympathetic to funk."
Native of Olympia, Arkansas, the same population as well as their emerging admired Sleather Keany, have recorded a third album blunt, unappealable, produced by Guy Picciotto (member of Fugazi and producer deBlonde Redhead). It discharged hours accumulated on the road and stage, which have support for Yeah Yeahs Yeahs, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Stereo Total and The Kills. Although the support they gave the final White Stripes, providing education and contacts.
Beth Ditto is going through a very good time. Just to be appointed by the New Musical Express as the person most wave in the music world (coolest tell them), above Jarvis Cocker, Karen O. And Thom Yorke, among others.
Part of the charm of his personality is known to switch his mood guarro with lucid thoughts on the current environment of rock: "The music industry is afraid the girls who make good music but not sold through sex," although it addressed as a theme. The latest album of Peaches, Beth says: "hitting the face with that cock", which for her is the phrase heterosexual who has sung in his life.
Standing in the way of controls (06), successor That's now what I hear (99), and (03) Movement is a hard boiling, sweety guarro and "desmadroso", and where the style and position of Beth you have brought something odious comparisons-with-Tina Turner and the very Janis Joplin.
The contribution of a band like The Gossip is its clever way to congraciar to soul and funk with punk spirit, recognize the legacy of the great singers, and their eagerness to endorse the great yearning that currently exists in the art scene find renewed with emotion and feeling the challenge of designing something new, as well as existing support rejection towards hypocritical political correctness that is undermining the cultural development of the whole planet.

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