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Diversia Radio, the first radio LGBT Colombia

Since February this year, Colombia had the first radio which provides for the community of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgéneros (LGBT) in the country and Latin America.
The technological evolution of the Internet and steady growth of users of this medium, have facilitated the birth of new alternatives in the media. Radio Diversia born as a proposal for a community discriminated against by many and needs to establish a socio-cultural space, expression and entertainment.
"Fito", a Chilean who settled in Colombia several years ago, an activist with years of experience in working with the gay community in Chile and Colombia, which is part of the project in less than a month has generated all sorts of comments and mobilized thousands of people to visit www.radiodiversia.com
"Foster" is a Colombian native of the area esmeraldera of western Boyacá, who started in radio Gay with a program called "CG Colombia Connection" in a station of this kind "Argentina Gay Radio." With the magazine, listeners Colombians were located in the second hearing of this station argentina.
The two creators of the radio LGBT Colombia, hope to establish a space that will be heard across the country, with a team composed of fifteen journalists and activists volunteers of different ages and of course composed of Lesbians, Gays and Bisexuals, which will make the dial a real novelty in line with many surprises.
Fito and Foster argue that Diversia Radio will be a space of expression, information and entertainment to a community, which did not have a radio platform itself.
With this initiative, they want to raise awareness of "the human side of the LGBT people, their feelings and demonstrate that they are part of society and that the image is handled is totally contrary to the prejudices and stigmas that launch them, which is born from the disinformation, hatred and ignorance. "
The Internet has become an important tool in the very near future to completely absorb the mainstream media, in countries like the United States, people have switched to other communication systems such as radio and satellite radio via the Internet , which makes Diversia Radio in a way that points to the radio of the future by being a more personalized radio and dogmas that exceeds established by conventional radio.
Radio Diversia, radio came to be leader of its kind, not only in Colombia but also internationally recognized as one of the most important on the planet with an excellent programming, supported by a team composed of nearly twenty-five persons in major cities throughout Colombia and several correspondents elsewhere in the world.
Tune into Radio Diversia www.radiodiversia.com or simply by clicking on the button in the main menu RM Radio Robin Magazine.

The programming of Radio Diversia officially beginning from the day Tuesday February 18 from 8 am will be represented by three teams in three different work schedules that allow the listener of the radio station to be connected with live programming from 5 days week, on Saturdays and Sundays is still in the scheduling adjustments.
Lift From: Monday through Friday from 8 to 11 hours of the morning Colombia
Program format magazine where different topics were addressed seen from the eyes of LGBT, music cross over, guests live now, discussion forums, messages, calls live.
A good way to get up radio listening in a different way.
Paradise Garage: Monday through Friday from 3 to 6 pm hour Colombia
The space Diversia Youth Radio, an approach fun, spontaneous and fresh, led by 5 gay youth who through their life experiences will delight listeners who can not find a real option other stations: technology, current affairs, music youth , messages and all the joy of this team brave who dare to broadcasters.
Diversia Night: Monday to Friday from 6 to 12 midnight hour Colombia
Block Night of the station that will include programming within a wide range of topics and ways of seeing life from a perspective LGBT, sex, rock, electronics, block lesbian and more, allow the listener that after a long time of the day, can be accompanied on a well-deserved rest.
Much happiness, sparkle, hot topics, the nights in Diversia promise to be wild!
Rock Zone: Wednesday from 9 to 10 pm hour Colombia.
Prime space specializing in all genres in the history of rock that is born to please everyone and all the listeners who like this genre and all subgenera rhythm largest in the history of music. With a look completely different and directed by the only organization of gay rockers Colombia (Bogota Neo Queers Rockers).
Undoubtedly will burst your ears each week

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