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Inhabitants of Lesbos ask to the Justice that lesbian only is the national one

The inhabitants of the Greek island of Lesbos have asked to the Justice of your country that the "lesbian" denomination answers in Greece only to the national one and that should be excluded from the name used by a Greek organization of homosexual. " I feel inconvinient, and especially, my relatives feminine, when they answer that they are lesbian (of Lesbos) or that we have lesbian customs ", declared today Efe the director of the magazine of culture "Davlos" of the island, Dimitris Lambru. Lambru, together with two compatriots Maria Rodu y Kokoni Kuvalaki, inhabitants of Lesbos (also called Mitilini), a great island placed in the North-East of the sea The Aegean Sea of approximately 350.000 inhabitants, proceeded the case before an Athenian court and the hearing is foreseen for June 10. They ask to the justice that the Greek Community of Homosexual and Lesbians (OLKE) it omits this term due to the fact that " the historical and regional identity and the personality meet insulted by the illegal use of the noun and the adjective ", Lambru declared. It emphasized that until 1911, the adjective lesbian was appearing in the international dictionaries only for the geographical term. The director specified that " I, personally, do not have absolutely anything in opposition to the homosexual ones and respect your rights ". It added Efe that is not also opposed to the congresses and meetings that the homosexual women celebrate in the last years in the island. " They can come here and celebrate all the meetings that they wish. What we ask is that they do not use the term "lesbian", declared Efe Lambru. Lesbos is the natal island of the Greek poetisa Safo who lived in the 7th century AC and who, as some academicians have invoked in the last century, it was supporting sexual relations with his disciples, but Lambru declared that it had family and that one faked the suicide for love of a man. The islander informed that in case the Greek Justice should not give them the reason, they are ready to proceed the case before the European Court of Justice.

From: EFE

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