viernes, 11 de abril de 2008

Professor suspended lesbian said to have "impeccable behaviour"

(Continuation of previous article under the title "lay-off a lesbian by brotherhood" published by our friend ê £ î T ê)
The teacher who can no longer exercise as a teacher of religion by a decision of Bishop of San Bernardo said deserve another opportunity to continue teaching. The professor of religion who was suspended from her teaching by their status as lesbian assured that his back could converse with Archbishop of Santiago, Francisco Javier Errázuriz ask another opportunity, the idea of returning to teaching. In The Journal of Cooperative conversation, the teacher who keeps his identity in reserve-said that during his more than 20 years of work has had "an unblemished conduct" which, he emphasized, nobody can criticise anything. "I would say (to Monsignor Errázuriz) me an opportunity and I think that in 25 years that I have served as a teacher I have had an unblemished conduct that I can not be reproached or I can criticise anything," he said. The professor said he has talked several times with the archbishop, and said he always asked him to live in celibacy and leaving her partner of seven years as conditions to return to classes, which accuses because "for speaking the truth now he is condemning. " The teacher explained that the vicar for the Education of St. Bernard, Rene Aguilera Colinier, who signed the loss of their certificate of fitness for the Professorship, never mentioned in the notification letter that the reason for the far outside his homosexuality because there is any complaints against him. "I recognized at the vicar and the bishop to my sex, I cited to talk because they received a phone call talking about me certificate states that I repealing permission to engage as a teacher of religion in schools in the commune of St. Bernard, (the letter) does not make reference to my sex," he said. Finally, the teacher ahead that will continue to publicize his case to avoid recurrence of such discrimination, and accused those responsible for the cessation of functions not find out how he was. "Outside of putting a resource protection, (I want) to notify me not to discriminate and to take an approach that might have found in my school as I was with my colleagues, with the students in order to make that determination But that did not" criticise.

From: The Journal of Cooperative (Chile)

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