viernes, 2 de mayo de 2008

if God is a woman: then why not also propose that the Devil is a woman?

The famous Byzantine discussion about sex in the Angels, when there was who would be devoted to these issues, there could be ended quickly if it had been observed in male acceptance of Satan and his acolytes, who after all were not anything other than that Angels Fallen ...Satan, if not remember the catechism or they forget the Bible, was a subversive Angel, the most beautiful, with a troupe of winged jealous rebelled against the power of God, so that all band was sentenced to the abyss infernal ...Satan, the Tracker, Prince of Darkness, Beelzebub, Belial, the Evil One, the tempter, are some of the names receiving this representation of Evil that after the confrontation, stayed with certain powers and duties: govern with his subordinates the functioning of Hell, tempt humans and grab as much as possible of their souls and make their bodies to burn eternally...If the Angels who made good lyrics were awarded a profile androgynous, the Devil touched him through theological interpretations and recreations artistic, to embody lust ... for which usurps features of pagan God Pan (horns, hooves and tail) who settled the popular imagination ... Like other monotheistic religions, the Jewish and Catholic then away to women in places of power and underestimated their value as individuals ... (I mention this because the Talmud says that it is preferable to burn the Torah before entrusting a woman ... and some priests of the Catholic Church wrote that women should die of shame at the mere idea of being women ...)... so that neither for nor Good for the Evil was given to women a place sovereign; just from the perspective of classical misogyny we believe "the door of the Devil",say subaltern even for the Evil ...But I raise a voice and was in 1895 that an American named Elizabeth Cady Stanton wrote "The Bible for Women", which reinterprets parts of the Old and New Testaments refer specifically to women and started a debate that was intensified in the second half of the twentieth century ...The Feminist Theology opened new perspectives and bold, was questioned privileges male, the prohibition of women from the altar, the attributes of God father (arbitrariness, anger, authoritarianism) and of course the condition of man ...In the years'70 and'80, which appeared well before the Bible "politically correct", a few European and American theology raised the possibility that God was women, while recovered to ancient female deities ...But just things, none of the women studied were claiming happened to a Princess of Darkness, a Prime Misstress of the Forces of Evil, perhaps because women already had been battered quite as hostesses of Satan (tempting, witches) ... However, if we consider that God may be a woman, why not propose that the maximum authority hellish also be a woman?

From: "Proud to be a woman" by Liv Kristine Kalske

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