sábado, 3 de mayo de 2008

The lesbian students who were expelled from a school in Manizales be readmitted

For a failure of supervision, the rector has 48 hours to enroll the children of 16 and 17 years old, who claimed violation of their rights to education and the free development of his personality. The rector of the college Leonardo Da Vinci, Magola Franco argued at the time that the rejection of the juvenile was not due to his status as a sex-school students there were other lesbians-but its strong indiscipline. However, parents of children denied the remarks and instaturaron prosecution on April 10 last, backed by the Ombudsman of Caldas. According to the regional champion, Gustavo Restrepo Perez, the reasons given by the rector about the behavior of the disciplinary students were not very clear.Even the judge, Ligia Patino, argued in his ruling that they infringed the right to due process laid down in college handbook coexistence, with regard to sanctions imposed by their indiscipline. Both girls and their parents were satisfied with the measure. However, the rector of the Da Vinci preferred not to make any comment on the ruling, even about his possible challenge. However, a group of students left campus to support the leadership and argued that the couple "is not a good example" for 1,500 students and even announced the possible resignation of Franco Magola.


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