lunes, 5 de mayo de 2008

Women lesbians and bisexuals the First National Meeting held in Rosario

The visibility was one of the central themes of the field born of the National Women's Encounters. Last night there were performances, festival and music in public, in front of the Cathedral and in front of the Monument to the Flag. It was an act of visibility at the end, just between the lines that hold the monument to the flag, became performance. There are women who crossed jumped as Indian, without T-shirt, short hair, fast, braided, in the legs and armpits, with dozens of girls involved in tula color posing as models, offering their breasts 15 years. Some questioned if a dominant woman, the other, embraced by their scrolls of colored fabrics and false stones, showed their mohínes of semi-open mouths and eyes of how installed is the old stereotype of the girl always available to others. That was the last postal progress of First National Lesbian and Bi. And it was so significant that much of the 300 women who came to see done for over ten blocks-especially those who had arrived from other provinces-believed that girls of 15 dresses were a staging to exemplify the road we have travelled in the opposite direction to what is expected of women. There was general laughter when he ran as an electric current explain: there is, in this monument so penis as much of the national icons, where brides and fifteen girls meet Saturday at the rite of the night. Before the party, the photos. And before the photos, the ceremony. For there had also passed the motion of Encounter disobeying the mandate of silence that often regret about women who defy with their identity and sexuality which is a rule: heterosexuality. At the Cathedral of Rosario marriages had to wait for lesbians and bisexuals completed their dance and sing their slogans before he could play the wedding march. There was patience, it is true, but the surprise that was read on the face of people for beautiful ceremony was a pattern for those leaving were doing that a new road. "Fifteen years ago, when I began to military organizations not dreamed of lesbian feminists doing at National Meeting like this," shouted amid the tambourine Fabiana Tron, the group Desalambrando of Cordoba. That would be 300 one-deserved reflection for this woman: "We are obviously not all, but this is an invitation to make us see, to lose shame." The meeting will end Sunday at the afternoon with a plenary where all dialogue in the same space by drawing lines of action forward. Visibility is one of the central themes for lesbians and bisexuals for them to cross not only the phobia towards those who choose a dissident sexuality but also mandates gender on women who weigh twice. However, with the march on Saturday, more or less numerous, opened a first step that looks like boots with seven leagues esplanades of the Monument to the flag and the gap between the funny and girlfriends of girls is shaken by shouting "vaginal orgasm and clitoridian for all Christians that are arranged by hand." After the first shock, the teenagers wanted to draw more than a photo with some of the demonstrators carrying t-shirts with the slogan "power Tortilla Maker." And that it was a performance.
From: PAGINA 12

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