martes, 25 de marzo de 2008

Literature: COME TO ME


What would you do if a woman irresistible, but you absolutely untouchable whispering "If I want to, you can come to me"?
That is the dilemma facing Elliott Foster, managing director of Foster McKenzie, as they get to the attractive Lauren Collier, the chief legal advisor of a company listed in the Fortune 500.
A Elliott does not lack attractive women willing to share a bed with her, and does not care if it's your money or herself what the appeals. Under its rules, there is no reason why two women who feel the same interest for the pleasure not spend the night together or the afternoon, sometimes. Without commitments smoothly until Lauren appears, fascinating but out of reach. Lauren does not fit the pattern of relationships and Elliott knows to be off. However, reaching a situation that is not usual, the situation of having to go after a woman, and most disconcerting: Under the conditions imposed by Lauren. Elliott drops suddenly in a whirlwind of passion and discovery promises to be the trip of his life.

Year: 2008
Writer: Julie Cannon
Publisher: Egalès

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