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Readers of 'Time' Cover vote in which Ellen DeGeneres came out of the closet as the best in the history of the magazine

Ellen DeGeneres, Albert Einstein, Gandhi, Marilyn Monroe, Bobby Kennedy, Louis Armstrong, Charlie Chaplin are some of the characters to which Time magazine has devoted some of their covers in its 85-year history. And also they are at the top in the preferences of readers in the voting on the Internet organized by the publication to choose the best cover its entire history. For now, the favorite is the cover of April 1997 in which the comic actress Ellen DeGeneres confessed his homosexuality with a "Yep, I am gay." Next in preference dedicated to the September 11, 2001.
Thirdly, readers have chosen the cover devoted to Albert Einstein, who was elected in 1999 Personality of the century. The next character who appears on the list is Gandhi, the protagonist of a home in 1931, when he was chosen Man of the Year by the publication.
But readers not only have the opportunity to choose the best cover, but also the worst. For now, progress in the head August 1945 dedicated to the fall of Japan in World War II: the simplicity of the idea, recalling a red-flag crossed out with a Japanese-x, has been criticized by readers for dedicated to the front of the ice cream in 1981, with the photograph of some cucuruchos.
For readers of Time, the worst covers are devoted to broad themes since the post until five do not find a character playing a 'bad' home. It is devoted Dan Quayle in 1990, with a very expressive owner: "No Joke. This man could be our next President" (No joke. This man could be our next President).
The vote makes it possible to observe the evolution of the covers from the 20's, which were made through drawings, to the present day, where the photograph orders on decks.

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